Money and Wealth under Biblical principles

ACFA's Focus

  • We seek to promote the Biblical principles amongst our membership and also to help to train individuals within the industry to work with Churches and individual Christians.
  • We aim to provide a fertile breeding ground for Christians wishing to enter in the industry and for those already in the industry to develop their skills and understanding further.
  • We provide a platform for support and fellowship for all members through the ACFA Website’s member forum.
  • Our annual conference is of key importance and is a wonderful opportunity to meet other Christians working in the Financial Services sector, to develop one’s understanding through biblical teaching and to encourage one another by friendship and mutual support.


ACFA’s outward focus – Marketing the Christian perspective

We believe that there has never been a greater need than at this time for individuals to know and understand what God has provided in His word as guidance for successful financial planning.

  • We seek to market our members’ products and services to the general public via our Website’s member search facility.
  • We are striving to become an increasingly significant voice to the media for our membership and to provide a Christian perspective on current financial affairs.

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