Money and Wealth under Biblical principles

Biblical Financial Planning Principles

In essence a Christian adviser recognises that ‘the earth is the Lord's and everything in it’ and thus that everything we 'own' is, in effect, God's. We merely hold money and possessions on trust for Him. Christian advisers are not automatically more qualified, more ethical or "better" than their non Christian counterparts. But what they can claim is that they love God and try to put Him first in everything that they do. This makes them totally different to non-Christian advisers and this difference should add real value for the Christian client seeking to discern God's will for their finances.

ACFA encourages its members to use eight Biblical principles of financial management when working with Christian clients. These principles are:

  • Ownership – God owns 100% of everything
  • Integrity – Deal fairly with others
  • Generosity – Give generously
  • Planning – Plan ahead
  • Budgeting – Spend less than you earn
  • Borrowing and lending – Borrow cautiously and repay; lend freely
  • Savings and investment – Establish a savings plan
  • Provision for dependents – Make provision, don’t protect

Please feel free to download and distribute the following expanded versions of these principles as widely as you wish, including the reasons behind our logo and how our members can become an active contributor.